May – June

Another two months have flashed by, with some rather unusual discoveries…

Building work

The east front of the house is now entirely uncovered…

The east front

The east front, just uncovered

…and work has moved on to the north side, based around Queen’s Court, the courtyard which you look down on from the end of the Leicester Gallery.  The scaffolding is up, and work is under way on the roof over the old kitchen and nearby areas.

The scaffold lift coming into Queen's Court

The scaffold lift coming into Queen’s Court

After the work on the north side, the scaffolding will move right over Stone Court to work on the south side.  This is going to be during August and/or September.

Some unusual discoveries have been made during work.  An ashtray and a book were discovered in the roof space above the Venetian Ambassador’s Room:

A rabbity ashtray and a biography of Marilyn Monroe

Two things found in a roof space

It gives an idea how workers at Knole spent their cigarette breaks at one time.

Another discovery we’ve made was during the digging of a few test-pits prior to work in the Brewhouse yard.  We dug the pits to find out if there was anything of archaeological interest before work went ahead.  There wasn’t, but we did find definitive proof of what we thought: that the foundations of the external walls at Knole are, at least in some places, only about six inches deep.  Please don’t push too hard on them!

Other work

The other work on the project is getting to be so much that we have taken the decision to merge all our blogs into one, so that it is easier for us to update you as things go on.  We’ll give you the address in our next post.

To give you some idea, over the past two months we’ve had our first group of corporate volunteers at Knole, conducted a “measured survey” in the house, had an art exhibition which has raised £4,500 for Sevenoaks Area Mind, had our second intake on the Knole Unwrapped volunteering project, had an archaeology training day for volunteers who want to lead archaeology activities with visitors, and had our first group visit by a group of people with hearing loss, not to mention our community open evening and the launch of our own Twitter account…

And so on to July, when we find out what the HLF have to say about our funding bid.


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