March – April

The Lottery bid

We have all breathed a big sigh of relief at Knole, having handed in our bid to the National Lottery in mid-April.  We’ll hear their decision in late June or early July.  But the work goes on…

Building work: first look at the finished East Front

In April some of the east side of the house was uncovered for the first time since work began.

An east front window

A newly-refubished window on the east front

The east front with its covers removed

The east front with its covers removed on 19 April

As you can see it looks far healthier than the cracked and rotting walls and windows that we had this time two years ago!

The work is still going on; this is the northernmost side of the east front.  This means that there is now considerably more light in the Billiard Room and the Spangled Dressing Room area, as well as – for different reasons – the Museum Room.  In the Museum Room, where previously there was no natural light, the porcelain has been taken away from the window and the window unboarded.  Come and see for yourself the difference it makes.

The work is also progressing along the south side at a fine rate, with the window in the Ballroom having needed protection for a shorter time than we thought.  Scaffolding is now being brought over to the other side of the house for the next phase of work, to Queen’s Court, the courtyard behind the tea-room, which is not open to the public.

Scaffolding on the south front

The current state of scaffolding on the south front

Knole Unwrapped

The ‘Knole Unwrapped’ project started in March.  This is a new project for us, led by the Conservation Team, where five people spend five Mondays at Knole learning about conservation and helping the conservation team with their work.

Each morning they have an hour’s learning about an aspect of preventive conservation, and then they spend the rest of the day in the Needlework Room, our conservation store-room, checking the condition of items in our collection, recording them and then re-packing them in a way more conducive to their good conservation.

Keep an eye on the conservation blog for further updates – you can join in if you want to get in touch.DSC_6476

In other news…

Hard work for the conservation team

Repairing the flagpole is as big a job as you might expect

We create a time capsule, which has gone into a cavity in the east front

and the Knole wall-hanging makes a splash in Sevenoaks


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