September – October

This month’s post is slightly delayed – there has been a great deal going on at Knole, not that that is anything new. The large amount of work has resulted in little time for updating Premises or Conservation blogs, so keep an eye on them for more in-depth news.

Lifting the new scaffolding into place

In the foreground: Stone Court. In the background: new scaffolding goes into place.


Since the beginning of September, groups of visitors and Knole volunteers have been experiencing the look of Knole with its roof off, climbing the scaffolding and getting views of the garden which – we hope! – won’t be possible again in our lifetimes.  Now the scaffolding work is moving on towards the south face of the house, which means that Lady Betty’s rooms have been emptied of their contents in the same way as the Spangle Bedroom and Dressing Room have already been.  The rooms are now closed to the public, as they are too small for the building of a tunnel to be practical.



Putting Lady Betty's furniture away

Putting Lady Betty’s furniture away for safe keeping into the store room known as the Needlework Kitchen, far away in another part of the house

The work on the exterior of the house is moving on well, with new laths – which are the strips of wood that plaster is applied to – having arrived to replace the old ones.  The new ones are oak, rather than the previous (non-original) chestnut.  Water damage to the wooden structure of the building has also been repaired, including beams and around gutter hoppers.

A major part of the ‘Inspired by Knole’ project is improving our insulation, and the first pieces of new wood-fibre insulation have been put into the walls.  In due course insulation will also be put into the ceilings.



A rotting beam behind the east front

A rotting beam behind the east front – now replaced

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’re beginning a major piece of consultation about the direction of our work at Knole, and we’d like to invite you to take part.  We’re going to set up some focus groups, which will meet twice before March for a couple of hours each time, to look at our plans and even to indulge in some ‘blue-sky’ thinking.  Would you, or anyone you know, like to be involved?  We’re looking especially, though not exclusively, for people who have never visited Knole, but enjoy going for days out or learning about history or art.  Leave us a comment or message at the end of this post if so.



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2 thoughts on “September – October

  1. I would be interested in being part of the focus group that you mention in the posting. I have a particular interest in Knole because of a dissertation I am writing on Vita Sackville-West and the history of the house itself is fascinating.

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