August 2012


A rarely-seen window giving light onto a now blocked-up staircase. Very Knole!  It looks as though we may have just caught the gable in time as well…

Building work

This month the most important news at Knole has been the beginning of the work on the fabric of the house.  Render has been taken down, tiles and lead have been taken off, and the remedial work has started.  You can see an album of photographs here.

Also for the first time at Knole, you can see the work going on for yourself by coming for a tour of the scaffolding.

‘Spirit of place’

Part of our work on how to improve how we present Knole to visitors involves asking people what the house makes them think of and feel like.  In the last post we asked you for your ideas, and over the last month we’ve put your suggestions (thank you!) with words and phrases from our volunteers, staff, visitors and also from books people have written about Knole to come up with a ‘word cloud’.  It looks like this:


Is there anything further you would add to that?  Comment on this post to let us know.

Focus groups

In order to help us further with the development of the project, over the next month we’re going to be recruiting for focus groups of particular types of people.  The groups will help us to formulate and refine ideas for presenting the house and the work of the project, as well as ensure that the Conservation Studios work for everyone as well as they can.  If you know anyone who might be interested in being part of this project, then please do let them know – or contact us if you would yourself.  We’re looking for people who have never visited Knole as well as those who have, and especially people who think they fit into one of the following groups:

  • People interested in art, history, architecture and similar things
  • People who enjoy going for days out with family or friends
  • People who like going for days out with children where they learn something
  • People with disabilities

In other news…

Knole’s Learning Team win the Sandford Award for heritage education for the third time in a row

The Oral History project finds its first first-hand memory of Vita Sackville-West

and Knole celebrates the Queen’s Jubilee.


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