June-July 2012: first post!

A piece of scaffolding is put into place by a crane at Knole

A piece of scaffolding is carefully lowered into place

Over the last month and a half the first obvious signs of the repair work on the house have been put in place: the scaffolding, which now covers most of the east face of the house. Work on the outside is expected to begin this Thursday, when the contractors start to break up the already very cracked-up cement render.

Premises blog entry for the erection of the scaffolding
Conservation blog entry

A visitor writing on our graffiti wall

A visitor writing on our graffiti wall

Part of the ‘Inspired by Knole’ project is to re-think how we present the house to visitors, and we asked for the help of local people at our open evening in late June. We asked people to use our graffiti wall to write what they would like to do and see at Knole, in an ideal world – and there were lots of ideas, from rock concerts and abseiling off the tower to ‘seeing secret areas’ and taking part in Tudor cookery courses. You can help us by giving us your ideas – just comment on this blog entry.

Round-up of other news at Knole from this month:
Sevenoaks Area Mind art display and launch
Trees move at Knole
And the latest from our ‘Hidden Histories’ Oral History project – a cautionary tale about when work is done on the house: http://audioboo.fm/KnoleNT

We have one more thing to ask you to help us with. To help us with our work on presenting the house, we are trying to capture what the ‘spirit of Knole’ is – how it makes people feel, and what it makes them think of. Leave a comment on this post to tell us: how would you define the spirit of Knole in just three words? Suggestions so far have included magnificent, ancient, stupendous, stifling, terrifying… what would you say?


7 thoughts on “June-July 2012: first post!

  1. The 3 words I would use to sum up Knole would be:
    Deceiving (dont take Knole on face value)
    Multifaceted (rooms within rooms, courtyards within courtyards, parks within gardens within parks)
    Adaptable (both the park and gardens surviving many trials through the years)

  2. I would love to see a Beatles inspired 60s party for Local residents
    Courses open to all – painting and photography workshops
    A 1926 inspired golf day for amateurs and professionals
    A covered area for dog walkers who’d like a cuppa on a rainy day

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